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YJC-1000D hydraulic heald frame axle car

Product details
Product Name: YJC-1000D hydraulic heald frame axle car
Uses: Suitable for all kinds of width loom with heald frame upper shaft
Features: Hydraulic lifting upper shaft, hydraulic vertical lifting heald frame, fast speed and high efficiency. Four-wheel synchronous steering, smooth walking. The hook is laterally slidably adjusted. Applicable heald frame, the upper shaft is in place once
Load: 1000-1500Kg; heald frame 400Kg
Lifting height: Weaving shaft 700mm; heald frame 1950mm
Dimensions: Long press the width of the loom, width 750-1300mm, height 2100mm
Recommended: In the case of a large number of looms and models, it can be used for more than one vehicle.

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