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ZJ-5A intelligent slub yarn controller

Intelligent protection: The servo used in this system has various protection and error prompts such as overload and overheating. For the function, please refer to the motor controller manual.

Bamboo section thickness: In the process of slub yarn spinning, the thickness is a difficult parameter to grasp. The ratio of the weight of the bamboo joint to the weight of the pitch is the thickness. Generally, the measurement can be performed by means of cutting the weighing. The manual measurement and the length of the cut sample are short, and the measurement error is large. The thickness is generally directly input into the computer and determined by trial spinning. After being approved by the user, it is put into mass production.

Bamboo length: At the time of spinning bamboo yarn, we must design a number of different lengths of bamboo and base yarn length input into the slub yarn controller according to the user's requirements for bamboo style. The odd section of the system is the length of the bamboo joint. The even number is the base yarn length. According to the different ways of computer circulation, it can be divided into:

(1) Acyclic mode (ie, sequential cycle): Assume that a total of 40 segments of bamboo and base yarn are input, which simulates spinning from the beginning to the 40th segment, then from one sequence to 40 segments, and repeats. . This mode can lose 400 segments.

(2) Fuzzy cycle - proportional fuzzy (ie completely irregular bamboo yarn): It is also assumed that a total of 40 segments of bamboo and base yarn are input. In this mode, 20 bamboo lengths are first taken out and randomly selected by the computer. Spinning bamboo section; then take 20 base yarn lengths and randomly select a spinning base yarn from the computer; Its characteristics are as follows: this kind of circulation makes it difficult for the bamboo joint to form an accumulation distribution effect on the cloth surface, and it is easy to satisfy the user's requirement for uniform distribution of the bamboo knot on the cloth surface, and the proportion of various bamboo knots and base yarn lengths on the cloth surface is uneven. It can be imitated. The principle is that the percentage of the length of a bamboo or base yarn in the total number of input computers (such as the 40-segment example) is approximately equal to the percentage of the length of the bamboo or base yarn on the cloth surface. . This mode can input 96 segments (the old software before 2005 is 48 segments).

(3) Fuzzy cycle--random blur (another completely irregular bamboo yarn): the short length of the input bamboo section, the short length of the input bamboo in 3, the short length of the input base yarn in 2 sections, Enter the short length of the base yarn in 4 segments. Each length of the spinning is performed by the computer: the bamboo section generates a random number (bamboo length) between L1 and L3; the base yarn generates a random number between L2 and L4, and repeats. It is characterized by the fact that the percentage of any bamboo length between L1 and L3 is close, and the percentage of any base yarn length between L2 and L4 is also close.

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