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Examples of the construction and characteristics of several typical weaving creels

       First, fixed creel
       The fixed simple frame has a rectangular shape for the cone. It is characterized in that the bracket for loading the package is fixed, the tensioner frame or the guide frame can be moved laterally along its track, and the worker has sufficient operating space when changing the package. It consists of a fixed carrier holder 1 and a suspended movable tension frame 2. The movement of the tension frame is controlled by the hand wheel 3 behind the creel. The upper and lower sides are divided into 8 layers, and each 10 columns is a structural unit. In normal operation, the distance from the tension frame to the top of the package (guide distance) can be determined according to the diameter of the package. As the diameter of the package is gradually reduced, the position of the tension frame can be changed at any time to obtain the desired balloon tension. . When changing the tube, the tension frame on both sides can be moved outward by the hand wheel 3 to form a wider working channel, which is convenient for the worker to change the tube and the joint.
       The domestic fixed creel, the inserted spindle 2 is fixed on the column and inclined downward 150. There are tensioning device 3, guide porcelain plate 4 and guide frame 5 on both sides. The yarn is drawn from the top end of the package 1, passes through a tensioning device and a guide plate, and is layered toward the front. There is a pulley above the creel 5, and the creel can be pulled to the outside when changing the tube, which is convenient for the operator to operate. The creel has 10 layers above and below, 30 rows on each side, and the whole frame can accommodate 600 packages.
       With the fixed creel, since the reeling occurs at the same time, the unwinding diameters of all the bobbins are substantially the same, and the length of the creel is shorter, so the warp tension of the whole piece is more uniform during warping. However, it is necessary to stop the change of the package and the efficiency is low. The capacity of each package is required to be accurate. Otherwise, the work of the inverted foot is increased. The simple sub-frame should be used for the production of low-density yarn, small batch, variety and high quality cotton, yarn-dyed, wool and silk weaving.
       Second, the activity trolley type simple frame
       This creel consists of several moving trolleys and frames and has the same shape as a fixed creel. A batch of packages are mounted on a number of movable cheese carts. Each movable trolley has a total of 8 floors, 5 columns in front and rear, and can accommodate 80 simple books. The number of trolleys per creel can be selected according to production needs. The number of spare activity cars is at least equal to the number of work cars. When a group of simple menstruation is carried out, the preparatory car can be loaded. When changing the tube, first pull out the activity cart with the legs left in the simple frame, and then push the pre-installed full-size activity car to push people. The movable trolley is guided by the guide rails. There are two runners on each side of the trolley, and there are two guide wheels on the front and rear. It is light and flexible when pushing and pulling. The tension frame on both sides of the creel can be controlled by the hand wheel and moved along the track at the top of the creel to adjust the yarn guiding distance for convenient operation.
       In addition to the advantages of the fixed creel, the movable trolley truss shortens the changeover time and improves the production efficiency of the warping machine.
       Third, the segmented rotary creel
       The creel is composed of 3-5 columns and can be rotated around the axis. The outer side of the column is provided with a set of working packages 1 and the inner side is a preparation bobbin 2. When changing the cylinder, you only need to rotate each unit by 1800 to convert the preparation bobbin to the working position. The Benninger GS-type creel and the Hakoba G5-H creel belong to this category. The domestic 1452G warping machine also adopts a segmented rotary creel.
       Four, V-shaped cyclic chain creel
       The V-shaped endless chain creel is named after the two creels are arranged in a V shape and are collectively changed by the cyclic chain transmission. Figure 2-10 is a top plan view. The inside of the creel is preloaded with a simple preparation, and the working cylinder is installed on the outside. After the working cylinder is used up, it is only necessary to press the change button when the replacement is made, and the electric cycle transmission chain is rotated in the direction indicated by the arrow in the figure, which will be fully simplified. Go to the working position, then take the new full tube to the front and the regenerative head to drive. Generally, such creels are equipped with electric shearers, which are manually moved from the front to the rear of the stencil to save time. The Beninger GE/GCF type creel is in this form.
       In order to obtain a good shape and a sufficient winding density for the warp knitting shaft, the warping creel is provided with a tensioning device to give the yarn an additional tension. However, in the modern high-speed warping machine, when the speed of winding the spun yarn is as high as 700-1000 m/min, the necessary winding tension can be generated, so the warping machine has eliminated the tension device. Another purpose of setting the tensioning device is to adjust the tension of the yam. According to different positions of the bobbin on the creel, different additional tensions are respectively given, that is, the tension disc is arranged by segmentation, and the warp tension of the whole piece is relatively uniform. The warping tension device is mostly of the tension disc type and also has a tension rod type. The tension disc is divided into a single tension disc, a double tension disc, and the like, and has a column type, a columnless type, and the like.

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