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What is included in the evaluation criteria of the shaft axis

       First, the diagonal pull head
       The inclined head between the A-axis and the B-axis, the two warp yarns are diagonally pulled over 1/10 of the full-axis frame as the 疵 axis, and the other one is used as the 疵 axis. The A-axis and the B-axis respectively have a diagonal puller, which is more than 1/10 of the single-axis weaving axis as the 疵 axis. One is made as 0.5 疵 axis, and 2 is used as the 疵 axis. The A and B axes are fully inclined to the full axis for more than 4 positions.
       Second, long
       The single axis is full of 4 for the 疵 axis, 3 and below for 0.5 疵 axis, and the entire axis is 6 for the 疵 axis.
       Third, the broken head
       One shaft is full of two for the 疵 axis, and one for the 0.5 疵 axis.
       Fourth, and head
       Two uniaxial axes are used for 0.5 疵 axes, and 3 or more are used as 疵 axes.
       Five, the twisted head
       The shaft is densely packed under 100 pieces and is made up of 6 shafts. The shaft is densely covered with Ico roots and above, and the roots are made of 0.5 shafts, and the full shaft and the above are used as the shaft (the waste side yarn is not counted).
       Six, pick
       The shaft has 1 shaft for 0.5 疵 and 2 for 疵.
       Seven, pine head
       This shaft has two warp yarns that sag.
       Eight, bad side
       The soft and hard edges of the shaft or the inset are used as the boring axis.
       Nine, pulp spots
       As the axis.
       Ten, no stamp or flow mark
       As the axis.
       The special number is wrong or the fiber is mixed, and it is handled as an accident.
       Twelve, the machine is bad
       Causes uniaxial shrinkage and long and short code bad cloth as the 疵 axis.
       Thirteen, the hair shaft
       The uniaxial warp sheet or the heald to the weaving day weave has a warp of 10cm or more in the warp direction. There are scars in the film. Single axis full scm as the axis. Other measures such as adjusting the weft teeth have been made, and the cloth surface is the axis of the cotton ball.
       Inspection request
       First, the cloth machine asked the site for full inspection, and the spot activity was spot-checked.
       Second, the inspection can first check the multi-head, diagonal pull, pick the head, etc., and then check one by one, the two statistical results are subject to high figures.
       Third, the discovery of the assault treatment of the weaving axis defects, both doubled as the axis.
       Fourth, the number of inspections is in a single axis.

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