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Roller machine requirements for the use of roll rolls

       The requirements for the use of the fabric roll by the winder include technical, material selection and maintenance.
       First, the use of the roll
       1. Select the structure of the roll of the roll according to the winder;
       2. According to the specifications of the fabric roll and the fabric selected roll;
       3. The roll material of the roll is composed of aluminum alloy, steel pipe and wood. With the development and improvement of aluminum alloy materials and the development of its molding process, more and more steel pipes and wooden reels are replaced.
       4. The bulkhead material of the fabric roll is divided into aluminum alloy, steel and plastic. The material of the roll of the roll can be selected according to the connection structure of the model and the winder and the roll.
       5. The outer surface of the reel should be covered with surface dents or rolls, and the surface should be free of scratches and cracks;
       6. The reel and the bulkhead are firmly connected;
       7. The reel should have sufficient strength and resistance to bending;
       8. Bulkhead should have sufficient strength and hardness;
       9. The roll should be straight and strong.
       Second, the maintenance of the roll
       1. The roller should be handled gently to avoid impact;
       2. The roll should be cleaned frequently to remove dirt on the surface of the roll;
       3. The transmission connection part of the fabric roller should be greased to maintain a good transmission;
       4. Always check whether the spare parts of the fabric roll are loose, deformed, worn, and repaired and replaced in time;
       5. The roll storage should be dry, clean, moisture-proof, rust-proof, pressure-proof.

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