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Warp beam

The double warp beam loom has two sets of let-off devices, each set includes a servo motor, a transmission gear, a rear beam, a tension sensing device, a tension spring, etc., and the two warp beams are simultaneously woven, and the placement forms are up and down and juxtaposed. Two kinds of things, generally we see are placed up and down, this can save space, you can also use the diameter of the warp beam, generally can be used up and down the diameter of 800 mm of the warp beam, and some can also reach the 1000 mm diameter warp beam.

The double warp beam loom mainly weaves two kinds of fabrics with large difference in warp conveyance, which can be woven into seersucker fabric, which can be used as a folding roller blind product. It can also use the double warp beam to prepare products with large differences in equipment before raw materials. Such as a sizing, a twisting, the sizing warp beam is completed on the sizing machine, and the twisting warp beam is completed on the slitting warping machine. It is also possible to woven a product which is easily entangled with each other on a warp beam due to a high density.

Other winding, beating, opening and other institutions are the same.

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